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Life’s Plot Twist

I believe this quote is so true with exception that I trust no one but myself and more importantly GOD…good things have, are and will continue to fall apart but I’m ready and waiting on the better things to fall together

Closing doors that lead me to Nowhere today….Still in search for door that continues me on the right path of this journey in life.

This happens to everyone. This happened to me, you walked into my life and stole my heart… life hasn’t been the same since ❤💔❤

God often removes someone from your life for a reason.

Think before you chase after them.
Sometimes there are people who are in are lives that God no longer has a purpose for. In order to best live your life you have to know what it feels like to be able to let someone go, even if it means dealing with the heartache of seeing someone whom you thought might be in your life forever, leave as if you no longer mean nothing to them.

There are those who will be in our lives for a couple of hours, there will be those who will be in our lives for days, there will be those who will be in our lives for a few years, and there will be those who are meant to be in our lives for a lifetime. Think before you chase after someone who is ready to leave your life, because if they arent much of a positive force, there is a good chance that they should probably not be in your life anyway.

C. Sherman

The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything… they make the best of everything. — Anon

Starting Over

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I'm Sweet I'm Chic but most of all I'm Sha..... 24 always wearing a smile even when I'm not suppose to loving & living life you might catch me capturing a picture of it I'm ambitious

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